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Manuscript Critiques

Are you passionate about telling your story? Are you wanting for a fresh set of eyes to look over your manuscript?


Well, look no further!


The past fourteen years of writing and editing have taught me the importance of an engaging piece, polished to its full potential, and I'm ready to work on that with you! I've published five books of my own, and I'm ready to help get your book publication ready!

What I Do:

From a reader's perspective, I will read through your Word document and add comments and critiques to your manuscript. I will also provide a 2-3 page reader report answering questions centered around these categories:

  • Was your first chapter gripping enough to hold my attention?

  • How was the character development?

  • What were some of my favorite parts?

  • Was anything confusing?

  • How was the plot flow/readability?

  • Are there moments where the story lagged?

  • Was the dialogue natural?

  • Was the ending worth reading the whole book?

  • Would I change anything?

  • Any errors or inconsistencies?

Pricing on Fiverr!

Fill out this Contact form with your name, questions, and details about your project and timeline! I can't wait to chat with you about your upcoming book.

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