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Last time we talked about social media, we’d gone over the things that I knew about the Instagram Algorithm. I don’t know a ton, but those were tips that I found so helpful in interacting with others and growing my page. Now, I know even less about Twitter, but I do know some tips and tricks—and I researched for a few more!—and want to share them with you!


  • Twitter’s Analytics Tool is awesome I don’t make a habit of checking my analytics often, mostly because I don’t usually curate my content over there, but that tool was so helpful for me starting out so I could plainly see the Impressions and engagement in a way that I could understand. It displays your top tweet, top media tweet, and the top tweet that mentions you. It’s so helpful, especially when you’re trying to see what kind of posts your followers want to see! You can find your Twitter Analytics when you open those three little dots on your browser! (Not sure if it’s available on the app!)

  • Mentioning someone’s username in an original tweet CAN limit views Now, this isn’t something that always happens, but it always happens to me. If I mentioned someone’s username in my original tweet, it won’t be spread to as many people as a tweet without a username would reach. Because of this, I try to put the username in another tweet, so it’s kind of like a thread. I’ve found that this way is the best way for me to see engagement as well as shouting out who I want to mention!

  • Adding a link to an original tweet CAN limit views Same thing as mentioning someone’s username, which is super frustrating to me. Again, this happens SOMETIMES, but not always. If you go to my Twitter profile (as of March 16th) my pinned tweet has a link in it and has over 1.2k likes. That’s a rare case for me. Whenever I post a tweet with a link in it, the likes are significantly less, as is the viewing engagement (which you can see via analytics). A way I usually get around this is by putting the link in a thread tweet, like above.

  • Aaaaaand the same goes for pictures (FOR ME) Again, not always. But there’s not really a way I go around this—if I want to post a photo to Twitter, I just post the photo.

DISCLAIMER: These first three things are things that I noticed in my own tweets. When I began the research, many of the posts suggested doing these things, that it was going to help engagement. For me, this was not true. However, for you, it may be, so be sure to experiment!

  • I always use #WritingCommunity or #AmWriting when posting a writing-related tweet This lets people know that I’m talking about something writing-related and it helps me reach others who are looking through this hashtag. Even if I’m just briefly mentioning writing, I will use these hashtags. Even if I’m asking a question that could possibly have nothing to do with writing, I use the Writing Community hashtag. It’s not to just books views, but it’s because even if my question isn’t writing-related, I’m still wanting to ask the Writing Community. I want their opinion, so I use the respective hashtag.

  • However, DO NOT overuse hashtags For me, I never use more than two or three hashtags in a single tweet. It can look quite spammy using multiple hashtags, and it clutters up your tweet as well. When there is more blue text than normal, people who are scrolling can assume that this is a spammy tweet and just keep scrolling. We don’t want that!

  • To grow your community of writers, ask writing-related questions Ask about people’s WIPs, first-lines, last-lines, character names, things like that! My top tweet in February 2020 was “What genre are you currently writing in, #writingcommunity? I'm writing a YA Romance!” It got 356 likes and 314 replies! People LOVE to talk about their work and those kind of posts really boost engagement, and boost visibility of your page. Be sure to reply to every one of the replies as well (or as many as you can!). You’ll be boosting your page but you’ll also be building relationships and friendships, which is really the goal of growing, right?

THINGS RESEARCH TOLD ME DISCLAIMER: these tips are not something that I’ve tried specifically to test out for this post, but ones that I thought would be the most beneficial to you and to your growth.

  • Polls totally help engagement! For me, I never see many people like my polls, but many do RT them and actually participate in them! Them participating boosts my page in the algorithm and it helps! And you’re also getting more information about your followers, so it’s a win-win scenario.

  • Time your tweets This is actually something I hardly ever do, and only if it’s something important like a book announcement or something. Otherwise I tweet all day, every day. But I can see how important of timing your tweets to peak hours can be. This link HERE gives you an idea of when to tweet.

  • Add white space to your tweet How fun is this tip? I’ve never even thought about it before, but I love it! The eye loves white space—it can make things easier to read and comprehend. So instead of chunking your tweet together in one big paragraph, press that return button twice and add some white space! Your engagement just might go up!

  • Make sure your profile is optimized This means *Having a clean profile photo *Use relevant tags in your bio *Don’t be robotic

Having a clean profile photo is key to making others feel welcomed and comfortable. It doesn’t have to be a picture of you, but as long as it’s clear and clean, it’s good! It also doesn’t have to be super professional. If you’ve seen my Twitter account, it’s me holding a copy of my own book. (This is partly due to someone previously stealing my photo and using it for their own profile…awks.) Also use relevant tags in your bio, and try to clean it up as much as you can! Let others know exactly who you are and what you’re about in that bio. However, I suggest only using one or two hashtags if that’s what you want to do. Overusing hashtags in your bio (and in your tweets!!!) really looks robotic and spammy. I used to use one hashtag, but now I don’t have any. The choice is yours!

I hope you found this post helpful! This one was a bit harder for me to do than the Instagram Algorithm post (find that HERE) mostly because I feel like Twitter is just so much more random than Instagram. Some things that work can not work the next time you try it, and vice versa. But that could just be me and my experience!

What about you? What are your experiences with Twitter? I'd love to know!

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