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What Are Friends For?




A close, easygoing friendship can all change with just one kiss. Seventeen-year-old Remi Beaufort learns this the hard way when she plays a blindfolded kissing game at a party.

She thinks she’s kissing Jeremy, the totally hot basketball player she’s been crushing on. And the kiss…it’s amazing. Heart-stopping, world-changing, toe-curling. The kiss makes her forget about her overbearing mother, the next-door neighbor’s drama, and the probability that she’ll fail her senior year. The best kiss of her life makes all that fall away.

Until her blindfold falls off, and she realizes that instead of kissing her crush, she’s kissing Elijah, her best friend since third grade.

Though she somehow manages to convince Elijah that he was kissing his girlfriend, Remi can’t get the thought of his lips on hers out of her head. As things between them grow more and more complicated—because it turns out her fantasizing about his mouth is more of a problem than it sounds—Remi has to make a choice: does she live the rest of her life loving her best friend in secret? Or does she tell the truth and risk ruining their friendship forever?

Heart-melting and romantic, What Are Friends For? is a swoon-worthy best-friends-to-lovers story that will leave you crushing hard.


There were times between us that felt totally normal—like, almost the entire time we’d been cutting out snowflakes, things had felt normal. I hadn’t been staring at his mouth or imagining his body heat enveloping me into a hug. We joked like normal, laughed like normal. But the quiet moments between us had my heart aching, wanting.

“See you tomorrow,” Elijah said, and I saw from the corner of my eye the shadow of him rising to his feet. He pressed his hand once against the spot between my shoulder blades before walking off, his socks silent on the wooden floors. I counted each of my breaths as I waited for the sound of the door to open.


It took seven slow inhales and exhales and then Elijah was gone, leaving me with a torrent of thoughts and a hurting heart.

“Elijah’s walking across the street. He’s coming over.”

Without another thought, I flung myself off my bed, falling to crouch on the floor. The window wasn’t even angled so he could see me, but I couldn’t take any chances.

“Uh, what are you doing?”

My heart beat fast, and I hated myself for it. “I’m not here,” I whispered.


I couldn’t help thinking about the deeper things, too. The way he touched his lips when he was nervous, or how if he laughed too loudly, he covered his mouth. Or when he was sculpting something with clay, entirely in the zone, he’d start to subconsciously smile, like he couldn’t help it.

Those were the kind of things that girlfriends noticed because they were close enough to. Not best friends. It felt strange, noticing these things now, and all I wanted to do was find more little things about him, to know every freckle and mark on his body personally.

Elijah’s lips spread into a wide grin as he sat back in his chair, and for a sharp, fearful moment, I thought I had spoken aloud. “Ha, you blinked. I win.”


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