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Who knew fake dating the quarterback would be the key to the life I’ve always wanted?

I've always known I want to skip town when I turned eighteen.

My goal is to buy a van, make it livable, and spend the next year of my life on the road until I find someplace to settle for good. After being voted Most Likely To: Never Get A Boyfriend by the popular crowd at school, I’m ready to say bye-bye to mean girls, gossips, and bad memories, and hello to a fresh start by leaving Brentwood in the rearview mirror.

But then I'm forced to move in with my uncle, my cousin buys the van I had my eyes on, and suddenly my freedom is now a graduation present held hostage until the end of the school year.

There is one way to turn the situation around, though… and that’s to fake date the shy, quiet, emotionally reserved Brentwood High star quarterback, Landon Settler.

If I can convince my cousin that I’m in love, he’ll give me the van early, and my escape plan is back on. Landon’s the perfect fake dating partner—he's voted Most Likely To: Never Get A Girlfriend by his friends, he doesn't talk back, and I’ll help him make the girl he likes jealous while he turns into my one-way ticket to freedom. And unlike anyone else in the popular crowd, he’s actually a little fun to be around.

I just have to last until homecoming and not catch feelings for the freckled boy that blushes way too easily.

But as we're continually forced to put on a lovey-dovey show for his friends—and get caught in increasingly compromised positions—keeping my feelings in check, and my eyes on the freedom prize, becomes easier said than done.

Fake Dating the Football Player

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