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She meets the only man who's ever been able to make her melt...but it's not her prince charming.

As the ice queen heiress to a multi-million-dollar luxury hotel chain, Margot always knew her parents would choose who she was to marry—whichever candidate had the deepest pockets and the most business assets. So when the time comes to either enter an engagement with a man she’s never met or lose her sparkling fortune, Margot knows there is only one answer.

To keep her impulsivity in check, and to avoid ruining the business deal of a lifetime, Margot’s parents enlist Sumner Pennington, a new hire at the hotel, to play her secretary and to keep the leash on her tight.

Sumner, part-time cater-waiter and now apparent part-time babysitter, is a breath of fresh air from the elegant and cutthroat world around Margot. Optimistic, cheery, warm-hearted—everything she isn’t. But as the two grow closer, and Margot finds herself falling for his cinnamon roll exterior, it becomes clear that there’s more to Sumner than meets the eye—and she begins to wonder if she even knows him at all.

With her first meeting with her fiancé drawing nearer, and her parents’ grip on her becoming tighter, Margot’s faced with the realization that romance isn’t always a guarantee for someone in her position, and that falling in love may be just another champagne problem.

Love and Other Champagne Problems

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