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5 Things To Do on Valentine’s Day on a Budget

It’s no secret that Valentine’s day is literally the worst holiday if you’re a true romantic and single. Every single one of my Valentine’s Days, I have been alone, eating a box of candy and watching Netflix. And I’ll admit, it’s pretty great, but on the most romantic day of the year, it feels almost…lacking. Other people are out on dates, with their significant others, not stuffing their face with chocolate to the point where they feel like they’re going to puke their guts out.

Now, I could let myself be down about this. Bask in the self-pity and hold my dogs. Perhaps cry a bit. But what exactly does that accomplish, except for hitting my self-esteem with a baseball bat.

Here are ten things you could do on Valentine’s Day, whether your single or not, but just want to treat yourself on a budget.

  1. Go see a movie Matinee’s aren’t that expensive, a handful of dollars mostly, and it’s nice to get some time to yourself and enjoy a good rom-com (or horror movie, if you want to avoid any and all romance). Crush that awful stigma that says you can’t go out on your own on Valentine’s Day, and maybe you’ll meet someone doing the same.

  2. Buy yourself flowers Now this one is for the flower lovers out there, like my mom, who is a fanatic about flowers. But don’t go dropping serious cash on a handful of blooms that won’t likely last the week. My favorite hack is going to the clearance section of the flower store—or your local supermarket—where the flowers tend to be around four dollars. They tend to get cheaper the longer they sit, or if there’s a slight bruise to the petals. But why not buy some inexpensive flowers to sit in your room and brighten your day? Upside: they make your room smell good, too!

  3. Make cookies Whoever tells me that cookies on Valentine’s Day isn’t a staple, I will call them a liar. I mean, c’mon! Sugar cookies in the shape of hearts? Red and pink sprinkles? Heck, even good old chocolate chip cookies will hit the spot. The ingredients aren’t expensive, and an added bonus if you already have a few in your stock. Make some cookies, share them with a friend—maybe even give a few to the cutie next door!

  4. Go back to an old hobby My favorite do on a relaxing day is to read. Reading relaxes my mind and calms my soul, transports me to a world where I belong. Writing does the same, if I’m feeling extra inspirational. But maybe your hobby is cooking, knitting, or even doing yoga. Whatever you love to do, today is the day to make time and do it.

  5. Take a bath This one is almost self-explanatory. When has a bath ever not been relaxing. You could go all out—buy some rose petals and toss them in the tub or even a bath bomb, light some scented candles and relax in a warm tub. Or, if you don’t have a tub, take a hot shower. Get that tension out of those muscles and just give yourself some me time.

  6. See something new Take a walk in the park, go to a local art museum, window shop in a mall. Get out of the house and do something you haven’t done in a while, see something you haven’t seen. One of the ways to be happy with being by yourself is going out and doing something, and meeting new people.

  7. Do a random act of kindness You’re not the only one single on Valentine’s Day, but that’s always a hard realization to come to. But hey, go out to your local coffee shop and buy someone’s coffee, give up that close parking spot for someone else, drop off some flowers to the elderly lady down the street. You’ll feel better about it, and spreading kindness around on a day for love is really inspiring.

  8. Stay off social media It doesn’t seem like a big one, but really—it is. You don’t need to log onto Facebook and see how every other couple’s day is going, or see how what’s-her-face got a new necklace from her boyfriend. Take the day off, focus on you and your goals.

  9. Go big or go home—rent a hotel room This one negates the whole ‘inexpensive’ thing, because some hotel rooms aren’t cheap, but do your research. Find a credible one with a nice price tag, and just treat yourself! Take a bath in that hotel room, visit the pool, order room service. Have a getaway for yourself. This is a day for couples to treat each other, and this is a day for you to treat yourself.

  10. Buy after-day chocolates So this one is technically not a Valentine’s Day to-do, but an after Valentine’s Day, the 15th. Chocolate goes crazy on sale this day, because all the pink and red packages now is ‘tacky’ and stores try to get rid of it fast. So go out, buy as much cheap chocolate as you can, and enjoy. Don’t feel guilty. Seriously. Stuff your face.

And there you have it. 10 (ish) inexpensive things you can do on Valentine’s Day. I know I’ll be doing most of these—chocolates and a hotel room, anyone?—and just enjoy some me time. And no, I will not be jealous of Suzie and her big stuffed animal buying boyfriend, nor Lexie and her Kay Jeweler purchasing beau. I will be too busy with my characters and a few novels to be having any cares about them.

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Are you going to do any on this list? Comment down below—I’d love to hear!

Over and out,

Sarah Sutton

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