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Top 10 Favorite Book Series

Top 10 Favorite Book Series

Okay, just for a quick little side note. You can’t possibly expect me to list these from 1-10, because that would be majorly impossible. But these are all book series that I’ve read and re-read just about…hmmm…a million times. You’ll see a theme (romance!) but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

  1. The Infernal Devices This book series is everything under the sun. By Cassandra Clare. Truly, truly epic. The Mortal Instruments by her is also very stunning and a great world to lose yourself in.

  2. Nevermore by Kelly Creagh. This was a book series I never knew I needed. I read it really on accident—I didn’t really read the back cover, but was in-between on reads and saw that it was a good deal. And, golly gee, it was amazing. Arguably one of my most favorite series ever. Mind bendy, cheerleader/goth romance, and Edgar Allen Poe. What can be better, you ask? Not much.

  3. The Lux Series by J.L. Armentrout. Aliens, my friends, aliens. They’re actually really breathtaking, let me tell you. Or, just trust my word for it, and go read the first book, Obsidian. I’m doing you a favor.

  4. Vampire Academy So I actually cheated and watched the movie first. I hate myself too, don’t worry. BUT. The movie introduced me to an ENTIRE WORLD of amazingness. Swoon.

  5. Shatter Me series I have such an appreciation for this series, it blows my mind. It’s totally unlike any book series I’ve read before—the style is so magnificently different and unique and ughiloveit—and I really, really enjoyed it. That was an awful description, but it’s a good thing you don’t come for my descriptions! Ha.

  6. The Raven Chronicles I’m now wondering if I should just stop writing these little paragraphs after the book series because I’m running out of things to say. This was amazing. It almost made me die. You should read it.

  7. Shiver Trilogy This was amazing. It almost made me die. You should definitely read it. WOLVES. ROMANCE. OMG.

  8. The Dark Artifices Another book series by Cassandra Clare. Lord have mercy and slay me now (not really please don’t) because this book? Crucified my soul. I’m currently waiting on the third and final book that comes out in December, and I’m shaking in my gym shoes. Someone get me an inhaler, please.

  9. The Dark Elements Now, I genuinely had no idea what this series was called, I just looked it up—funny, two Darks in a row. BUT. This one is really good as well. Have I said that before? Well, it is. This is pathetic, really. But I’m almost done.

  10. Under the Never Sky Trilogy A crazy dystopian that has my heart aching with more, more, more.

Guys, I started out with good intentions, I swear, but this list got more and more pathetic as it went on. But the point is that if you’re looking for a new series to read through, these are all amazing books by amazing authors.

Have you heard of any of these series before? Have you read them and loved them? Let me know in the comments!

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