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Knock, Knock, 2019!

How did we get here so quickly? It felt like it was just yesterday that I was starting up this blog, cracking my knuckles and typing out my first post.

Man...time flies!

I've searched under every rock, candle, and notebook that I have, but I have found zero 2018 resolutions, which is a little bit of a bummer. I was looking forward to going over those, to see which ones I have achieved and which ones fell flat.

This year, I'm breaking the cycle of my forgetfulness, and I'm making a list.

We all know how much I love lists!

One thing that I did want to make sure that I did was to make my goals attainable for me. To have a goal 'Hit 400 on my mailing list for this blog' isn't a goal that I, personally, could hit, unless I went through and created 400 email accounts. (Gosh, could you imagine?)

I find this way gives me so much more peace and that much more motivation to get these goals done, to pound out these resolutions and totally make 2019 mine.

So here we go, here are my top 10 goals to reach in 2019.

1) Publish my novel

We'll get there! The process is slow and sometimes can be discouraging, but this year, I will get this book out there. I will hold a physical copy of my novel, I feel it!

2) Travel

I've actually started this goal out right researching places that I could visit, looking at flights and hotel prices. So far I've got Edinburgh, Florence, and London on my list.

3) Finish at least two books

So, last year I actually wrote four books, which is insane and I still can't believe I did that. HOWEVER, I did not EDIT four books. I think I got two of them edited, and the other two are sitting on my shelf waiting to be picked up. So this 2019 goal is to write AND edit two manuscripts!

4) Build up my savings account

I actually have a number in mind to how high I want it built up, but I'm not going to share that on here. However, this is a focus of mine this year, since my savings account was severely depleted when I bought my writing shed last year.

5) Make money on my writing

Okay, so this one is KIND of in the hands of other people, but not necessarily. Or. Well. Maybe necessarily. Whatever. Even if it's just a dollar, it would be really cool to make money off of the words I've written.

6) Get healthier

Is this really a 'New Year Goals' post without the word 'healthy' in it? I know, I cringed, too. But since my dinner the past seven days has consisted of a steady flow of Reese's Trees, I think it's time to step up my game.

7) To grow my Fiverr business

For those of you who don't know, I have beta-reading and proofreading gigs on Fiverr, where I read and provide feedback on other people's manuscripts. This one is kind of in the hands of other people, but I also want this to grow my craft of writing, so it's a 50-50.

8) Learn more about writing

My writing skill is constantly evolving--everyone's is! No one remains stagnant. If so, our writing would never be higher than an elementary level. What a travesty that would be! There's a website called Udemy (not sponsored) that I've been using that has some great courses on creative writing, and I'm determined to get more into that this year.

9) Read at least one book a month

Oh my gosh, guys, I totally dropped off the reading wagon last year. Seriously. The books I did read were either in a series--Queen of Air and Darkness and Restore Me--but everything else I just re-read. Which sort of counts, but man, I cringe every time I think about how many books I read that were new to me last year. *Shudder*

10) Release the negativity.

This past year has been one filled with so many highs and positives, but I've also let things get under my skin, with little effort on my part. Small things would flip my world upside down, taking away my joy and leaving me, and everyone around me, in a pit of negative. Not this year. I refuse. No judging, no negativity. It'll be like a bolt of lightning, hitting me and immediately depositing into the ground. Except I won't let myself be fried in the process. That was a bad example.

These goals are mostly attainable for me. I don't need to rely on anyone to fulfil these goals for me, and for me, that just gives me a clearer outlook on the year to come. And I've got a great feeling about this year, my friends. A really great feeling.

What are your goals for the new year? Leave them in the comments below!

Ad astra,

Sarah Sutton

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