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Calling All Beta Readers!

As you might've sensed from the title, I have sent out a BOLO for beta readers!

Specifically, beta readers of the YA Contemporary Romance variety.

My manuscript, HITTING A HOME RUN, has been finished for some time, but lately I've been feeling a little more than unsatisfied by the amount of beta readers I had look over the manuscript before I set it aside—or lack thereof. I've had a few readers, but as I've dived deeper into the writing community, I’ve learned that if you’re feeling unsatisfied, DON'T IGNORE IT. SERIOUSLY. Don’t let that manuscript sit with your heart being like “hmm, could’ve been better”. What a sure-fire way of being disappointed.

Before, when I was searching for beta readers, I never had such close friends within the writing community who could help me with some feedback.

Here is a small blurb about it:

Sophia White’s summer is penciled in to be a stressful one. Having been tasked with coming up with a killer article for the Back-to-School newsletter—her last chance at salvaging Bayview High’s journalism program—she finds herself desperately searching for a topic that will blow the sports-obsessed school board out of the water. Her journalism class is her release, and her only way to enter into the local newspaper’s internship contest.

Adding to the stress of finding the perfect topic and her crumbling home life, her boyfriend breaks up with her by claiming she ‘isn’t cool enough’ for a guy like him. She enlists the high school hottie and baseball star, Walsh Hunter, to help make him jealous and in return he requests the Back-to-School article be written on the baseball team. She decides to throw a spin on the team—to show the unsavory and deceitful side of the sports team her town is so obsessed with. It’s a win-win.

As the two of them get closer and their fake-dating reaches new heights, Sophia begins to wonder if winning Schott back is still the goal or if keeping Walsh Hunter is what her heart really wants. But what if being honest with Walsh—and herself—means messing up everything? Instead of hitting a home run, what if she strikes out completely?

The theme can be compared to Kasie West’s FILL-IN BOYFRIEND or Sarah Dessen’s ALONG FOR THE RIDE, with a charming teenage love story with realistic stakes and conflicts.

The manuscript sits at 95,677 words and 321 pages double-spaced, in a Word document. I’ve found that using a Word Document and turning on Track Changes is the easiest, but if you would like it in PDF format or over Google Docs, that’s fine as well!

If this sounds something you’d like to help me with, please fill out the Beta-Reading Application form that I’ve linked below! Much love!

The keyword for the application is elephants.

Here is the link to the Beta Reading Application form, which I used JotForm for.

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