Master List of Date Ideas

February 10, 2020


Master List of Date Ideas



A master list of date ideas? Yes, please! Around this time in 2018, I released two blog posts about date ideas and things you could do around Valentine's Day on a budget. Well, two years later, I’ve decided to do a part two about that post! Instead of focusing more on the budget-friendly side of things, I thought it might be fun to just make a full list of dates.


So here it is! A master list of date ideas!



1.     Go see a movie (bonus points if it’s at a drive-in!)

2.     Get ice cream

3.     Attend a concert

4.     Go to the zoo

5.     Visit the aquarium

6.     Go to a café together

7.     Get breakfast/lunch/dinner

8.     Try a new restaurant

9.     Go out on a picnic

10.  Go to the beach

11.  Take a road trip

12.  Visit a museum

13.  Build a snowman

14.  Have a movie marathon

15.  Play videogames together

16.  Go ice skating

17.  Go fishing together

18.  Plan a scavenger hunt

19.  Host a painting contest

20.  Have a paint war

21.  Bake/cook together

22.  Carve pumpkins

23.  Go star-gazing

24.  Stay up until the sunrise

25.  Play mini golf

26.  Visit a bookstore or library

27.  Go to a waterpark

28.  Go to a play/the theater

29.  Make a pillow fort

30.  Have a photoshoot

31.  Host a dance party

32.  Go to the batting cages

33.  Fly kites

34.  Go thrift shopping

35.  Go bike riding

36.  Play a board game

37.  Try a new dessert

38.  Play a sport together

39.  Go to a comedy club

40.  Go to a cooking class

41.  Make candles together

42.  Go on a boat ride

43.  Collect seashells at the beach

44.  Go to an orchard together

45.  Pick out each other outfits at the mall

46.  Compete to make the best cup of hot chocolate

47.  Get froyo

48.  Go cloud watching

49.  See a comedy show

50.  Go for a walk

51.  Dance in the rain

52.  Go canoeing

53.  Visit an estate sale

54.  Work out together

55.  Create a doodle page

56.  Color in a coloring book

57.  Make homemade pizza

58.  Go roller skating

59.  Decorate pottery together

60.  Go strawberry picking

61.  Play a game of laser tag

62.  See fireworks

63.  Draw a portrait of each other

64.  Spend the day cleaning

65.  Go on a weekend away

66.  Make breakfast for dinner

67.  Go on a hayride

68.  Go to a carnival

69.  Watch the sunrise or sunset

70.  Go bowling together

71.  Get a couple’s massage

72.  Go to an antique shop

73.  Decorate a Christmas tree

74.  Start a new TV series

75.  Go to a party

76.  Have a barbeque

77.  Have a scary movie marathon

78.  Roast pumpkin seeds

79.  Go to a pumpkin patch

80.  Color Easter eggs

81.  Volunteer somewhere for the day

82.  Draw each other

83.  Film a music video

84.  Go to an arcade

85.  Play mini-golf

86.  Learn origami

87.  Go skinny dipping

88.  Wear matching outfits

89.  Learn a new instrument

90.  Go on a food crawl around the city

91.  Host a fancy dinner

92.  Take a nature walk

93.  Attend a local festival

94.  Try something new

95.  Recreate a favorite memory

96.  Rent a movie to watch

97.  Visit the farmer’s market

98.  Learn a new board game/card game

99.  Camp in your backyard

100.                 Visit a psychic





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