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Master List of Date Ideas

Master List of Date Ideas

A master list of date ideas? Yes, please! Around this time in 2018, I released two blog posts about date ideas and things you could do around Valentine's Day on a budget. Well, two years later, I’ve decided to do a part two about that post! Instead of focusing more on the budget-friendly side of things, I thought it might be fun to just make a full list of dates.

So here it is! A master list of date ideas!

[if !supportLists]1. [endif]Go see a movie (bonus points if it’s at a drive-in!)

[if !supportLists]2. [endif]Get ice cream

[if !supportLists]3. [endif]Attend a concert

[if !supportLists]4. [endif]Go to the zoo

[if !supportLists]5. [endif]Visit the aquarium

[if !supportLists]6. [endif]Go to a café together

[if !supportLists]7. [endif]Get breakfast/lunch/dinner

[if !supportLists]8. [endif]Try a new restaurant

[if !supportLists]9. [endif]Go out on a picnic

[if !supportLists]10. [endif]Go to the beach

[if !supportLists]11. [endif]Take a road trip

[if !supportLists]12. [endif]Visit a museum

[if !supportLists]13. [endif]Build a snowman

[if !supportLists]14. [endif]Have a movie marathon

[if !supportLists]15. [endif]Play videogames together

[if !supportLists]16. [endif]Go ice skating

[if !supportLists]17. [endif]Go fishing together

[if !supportLists]18. [endif]Plan a scavenger hunt

[if !supportLists]19. [endif]Host a painting contest

[if !supportLists]20. [endif]Have a paint war

[if !supportLists]21. [endif]Bake/cook together

[if !supportLists]22. [endif]Carve pumpkins

[if !supportLists]23. [endif]Go star-gazing

[if !supportLists]24. [endif]Stay up until the sunrise

[if !supportLists]25. [endif]Play mini golf

[if !supportLists]26. [endif]Visit a bookstore or library

[if !supportLists]27. [endif]Go to a waterpark

[if !supportLists]28. [endif]Go to a play/the theater

[if !supportLists]29. [endif]Make a pillow fort

[if !supportLists]30. [endif]Have a photoshoot

[if !supportLists]31. [endif]Host a dance party

[if !supportLists]32. [endif]Go to the batting cages

[if !supportLists]33. [endif]Fly kites

[if !supportLists]34. [endif]Go thrift shopping

[if !supportLists]35. [endif]Go bike riding

[if !supportLists]36. [endif]Play a board game

[if !supportLists]37. [endif]Try a new dessert

[if !supportLists]38. [endif]Play a sport together

[if !supportLists]39. [endif]Go to a comedy club

[if !supportLists]40. [endif]Go to a cooking class

[if !supportLists]41. [endif]Make candles together

[if !supportLists]42. [endif]Go on a boat ride

[if !supportLists]43. [endif]Collect seashells at the beach

[if !supportLists]44. [endif]Go to an orchard together

[if !supportLists]45. [endif]Pick out each other outfits at the mall

[if !supportLists]46. [endif]Compete to make the best cup of hot chocolate

[if !supportLists]47. [endif]Get froyo

[if !supportLists]48. [endif]Go cloud watching

[if !supportLists]49. [endif]See a comedy show

[if !supportLists]50. [endif]Go for a walk

[if !supportLists]51. [endif]Dance in the rain

[if !supportLists]52. [endif]Go canoeing

[if !supportLists]53. [endif]Visit an estate sale

[if !supportLists]54. [endif]Work out together

[if !supportLists]55. [endif]Create a doodle page

[if !supportLists]56. [endif]Color in a coloring book

[if !supportLists]57. [endif]Make homemade pizza

[if !supportLists]58. [endif]Go roller skating

[if !supportLists]59. [endif]Decorate pottery together

[if !supportLists]60. [endif]Go strawberry picking

[if !supportLists]61. [endif]Play a game of laser tag

[if !supportLists]62. [endif]See fireworks

[if !supportLists]63. [endif]Draw a portrait of each other

[if !supportLists]64. [endif]Spend the day cleaning

[if !supportLists]65. [endif]Go on a weekend away

[if !supportLists]66. [endif]Make breakfast for dinner

[if !supportLists]67. [endif]Go on a hayride

[if !supportLists]68. [endif]Go to a carnival

[if !supportLists]69. [endif]Watch the sunrise or sunset

[if !supportLists]70. [endif]Go bowling together

[if !supportLists]71. [endif]Get a couple’s massage

[if !supportLists]72. [endif]Go to an antique shop

[if !supportLists]73. [endif]Decorate a Christmas tree

[if !supportLists]74. [endif]Start a new TV series

[if !supportLists]75. [endif]Go to a party

[if !supportLists]76. [endif]Have a barbeque

[if !supportLists]77. [endif]Have a scary movie marathon

[if !supportLists]78. [endif]Roast pumpkin seeds

[if !supportLists]79. [endif]Go to a pumpkin patch

[if !supportLists]80. [endif]Color Easter eggs

[if !supportLists]81. [endif]Volunteer somewhere for the day

[if !supportLists]82. [endif]Draw each other

[if !supportLists]83. [endif]Film a music video

[if !supportLists]84. [endif]Go to an arcade

[if !supportLists]85. [endif]Play mini-golf

[if !supportLists]86. [endif]Learn origami

[if !supportLists]87. [endif]Go skinny dipping

[if !supportLists]88. [endif]Wear matching outfits

[if !supportLists]89. [endif]Learn a new instrument

[if !supportLists]90. [endif]Go on a food crawl around the city

[if !supportLists]91. [endif]Host a fancy dinner

[if !supportLists]92. [endif]Take a nature walk

[if !supportLists]93. [endif]Attend a local festival

[if !supportLists]94. [endif]Try something new

[if !supportLists]95. [endif]Recreate a favorite memory

[if !supportLists]96. [endif]Rent a movie to watch

[if !supportLists]97. [endif]Visit the farmer’s market

[if !supportLists]98. [endif]Learn a new board game/card game

[if !supportLists]99. [endif]Camp in your backyard

[if !supportLists]100. [endif]Visit a psychic

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