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3 Things I Learned


Sooo...if you didn't know, I published a book a little while ago. January 14th, to be exact. WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR? was published then, and I've got another book coming out June 16th! What have I learned since WAFF, you ask? Let me tell you!

1) I learned what marketing strategies worked for me There are so many different marketing strategies out there. SO MANY. It’s ridiculous. There’s paid, there’s unpaid, there’s AMS ads, there’s Facebook Ads, there’s personal marketing—so much. And I dove into almost all of them (and barely came out on the other side). Okay, that might be a little dramatic. But I did learn what kind of marketing strategies work for me and what don’t. For example, I cannot, for the life of me, understand AMS ads. Things over there seem to be changing too frequently for me to keep up, which sucks, because I’d love to be able to know more about them. But I did learn that personal marketing is something I’m good at, and something I enjoy! Bonus!

2) I learned how to make promotional images This kind of goes hand in hand with the last bullet point. Have you ever seen those fancy graphics that people make promoting their book? I learned how to do those! Granted, it might not be very hard, but I still learned it and still had a blast doing so. I use both Canva and PicMonkey to make my promotional images, and I really want to do a post about that soon on how exactly I do it!

3) I learned how long I need to write/edit

With writing these drafts and editing them to perfection (my own personal perfection, anyway), I learned just exactly how long it takes me. And yes, it differs for each book, but I have a general time frame in my mind now. Which is amazing. And since I’ve been having a blast planning out future releases, knowing how long it takes for me to draft and edit has been such a lifesaver!

There you have it! Three things that I learned between WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR? and OUT OF MY LEAGUE. But…I do have more things I learned. A lot more. And I go over them in today’s YouTube video, 10 Things I Learned Between WAFF and OOML. If you’re interested in more things that I learned, you definitely have to check it out!

Have you published a book before? If so, what was one thing you learned in the process? Let me know in the comments!

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