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Calling All YA Romance Beta Readers

Do you like to read? Are you a lover of the YA Contemporary Romance genre? Into Friends-to-Lovers stories? I’m looking for a group of beta readers to read my novel starting August 5th!

My manuscript, WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR, tells the story about Remi, a master of procrastination, who’s bad habits land her in hot water when the probability of her graduating high school is put in jeopardy. Her best friend since childhood, Elijah, has his own problems, and she doesn’t want to burden him with her struggles. Looking for a stress reliever and to get out of her head, she goes to a party, playing a blindfolded kissing game in hopes of finally getting to kiss the guy she’s been crushing on. And the kiss—it’s mind-blowing. World-altering. Sparks fly. But when her blindfold comes off, she realizes that instead of kissing her crush, she ended up kissing Elijah.

And everything is turned on its head. She’s forced into a nearly impossible extra-credit assignment to try and save her tanking grade, her mom chooses now to be overbearing, and she can’t get the idea of kissing her best friend out of her head. Which sucks, because even though it was the best kiss of her life, Elijah still thinks it was his girlfriend he kissed at the party. Yeah, girlfriend. Fantastic.

The theme can be compared to Kasie West’s LIFE, LOVE, AND THE LIST or Sarah Dessen’s ALONG FOR THE RIDE, with a charming teenage love story with realistic stakes and conflicts.

The manuscript sits at around 70,000 words in a Word document. It's up to you whether you want the chapters sent in a Word Document, PDF format, or over Google Docs!

Important Details:

-A beta reader literally just reads the book, no qualifications needed 😊

-Every Monday, I will send five chapters out with a link to a questionnaire, and you simply read them and give your opinion

-On Sunday, you will submit your feedback through the form provided (and if you finish earlier, I can send you the chapters faster!)

-The beta reading time period starts on August 5th and ends on Sept 9th

If you love to read and have the time, and this sounds like something you’d love to be a part of, please fill out the Beta Reading Application form that I’ve linked below. If you have any questions, shoot me a message! Much love!

Here is the link to the Beta Reading Application form, which I used JotForm for.

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