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Editors and Editing

In today's blog entry I'm going to talk about my experience with my editor.

I booked my editor in August, and she was planning on starting October 3rd. That was more of a deadline I picked for myself, since her schedule was open from mid-September on. I found my editor on (DISCLAIMER: I’m not sponsored by any of these links, people, websites, or anything. That would be awesome. Alas, I’m a Broke Betty, so yeah) which I had heard about while doing some of my own research on editors.

If you didn’t know, I’m a freelance Critique Reader on, which is basically like a beta reader but with a few other criteria that I go over. So I knew that Fiverr existed, but I wasn’t so sure about looking there for an editor. However, when I Googled some other freelance writing/editing websites, I found! The cool thing about Reedsy (wow, I really sound like an ad right here, I swear I’m not) is that it lets you send a request to multiple editors to get their quotes. My editor was so passionate about my book from the very start, and that’s how I knew I was with the right gal! She worked well with my timeline, was willing to wait on me to figure out when exactly I could get my things to her. Rachel, you definitely rock!

As far as editing went, I was due to get my edits back from my beta readers on September 9th, and that’s when kicking off my fourth draft happened. Here’s the draft breakdown:

  • First Draft.

  • Second Draft—I edited the first draft

  • Sent my Second Draft to my Beta Readers

  • Third Draft—editing what my Beta Readers thought and suggested

  • Sent my Third Draft to my Editor

  • Fourth Draft—edit what my Editor thought and suggested

  • Final Proofread


So after I got my edits back from my Betas on the 9th of September, I had less than a month to incorporate them and get that next draft to my editor. In all honesty, it didn’t take me that long to incorporate those edits, and I found myself wishing I had booked her sooner. But I’ll know for next time! And having a buffer is always a good thing. Things can always pop up!

There are so many types of editors out there, but Rachel helped me with copy-editing. I thought I was on a great page with my third draft, and I knew it just needed some last tweaks and fixes. She helped so much with that! She even messaged me halfway through her edits to let me know how her progress was going, and confirmed that she totally would have this finished by our contracted end date. (ALWAYS get a contract!) Rachel ended up getting back to me with my manuscript on October 25th, and I launched into those changes and suggestions. She had over 2,000 of them! However, I was so pumped to be finished, and I lost time as I worked through her comments. My book was finished by the 1st of November! I really went hard with those edits.

Since I was done with those final changes, it was time for a proofread, or to look over my manuscript to see any grammar, spelling, and other errors. As far as proofreading goes, I recruited a few people to help me with that. I could’ve paid $200 for a professional to go over my work—and I even had someone booked with a deposit down—but by this time, my tight budget was low. And I still had things I wanted to do for marketing. So for my first book, I knew that having a team of five or six people proofreading everything was a better choice for me. So I proofed it myself. In this proofread, I obviously looked for any errors or tyops, but I also read each sentence one last time to see if I wanted to make any changes. And I found, more often than not, that I did notice a different way I wanted to phrase things! So this step was so great. And it was so fun to see everything falling into place. After I made my last line edits, I sent it to my proofreading team for them to catch any last errors.

(As of November 18th, I’m still waiting to hear back from them. Any day now!)

So that was my editing plan and editor info experience! I think next up I’m going to talk about Formatting and Cover Design.

What are some topics you’d like to know about? If I’ve done them or plan to, I can give my experience on them or what I’m gunning for!

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