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Hashtags I Use For Instagram

The hashtags I use for Instagram differ for each post.

From the research I’ve done, I’ve learned that it’s very, very, very important to diversify your hashtags on Instagram. Instagram doesn’t really like it when creators use the same hashtags over and over again (for whatever reason), but you as a creator also want to diversify those hashtags as much as possible to reach a broader audience.

(Let’s play a game. How many times can I say Hashtags in this post?)

So something that I did way back when was open the Notes app in my phone and copy/paste some hashtags there. It makes it easier for when I upload my hashtags to Instagram, because I’m not having to type them out every time. It’s been such a lifesaver, because knowing me, I’d be way too lazy to type out the thirty hashtags each time. (Yes, you only get 30! I say only, but that’s kind of a lot.)

Now let’s jump into the different varieties of hashtags that I use.









I will almost always include these hashtags in my posts mostly because these are the people that I want to reach out to the most. But remember—I can’t use these every time, or else Instagram gets mad and freezes me out. (If you’ve noticed, I’m in a thawing period on Instagram right now because of hashtag usage, I’m pretty sure…sigh.)










These hashtags are ones that I use just for book posts. Maybe I’m posting a picture about books, a book-related quote, or something similar, these tags for those posts.


(These may differ based on your genre)














Obviously if you write thrillers or fantasy, those tags would replace all the romance tags, but the point is to get the genre that you’re writing in across. Whoever is looking up that hashtag will see your post under the same tag and hopefully click!


(these may be duplicates)


















In conclusion (ha, that felt really formal), these are just the hashtags that I use for my Instagram profile and hashtags that I’ve found are really helpful. And to prove it, I’m going to leave some statistics here!

So I talked about how my posts aren’t being distributed as much as they used to, so I’m going to go to my most popular post within the last week (that I’m writing this).

I used these tags:

#indieauthor #indieauthors #indiewriters #readingcommunity #bookcommunity #booksofinstagram #writerssupportingwriters #yaromance #yacontemporary #amwritingya #highschoolromance #highschool

#contemporaryromace #romancebooks #bookstagram #mustread #romancebookaddict #romancereaders #authorsofinsta #bookaddict #readingcommunity

#newrelease #friendstolovers #whatarefriendsfor

#bookboyfriend #supportindieauthors #selfpublishingcommunity

And received 80 likes and 14 comments. Now let’s delve even further. If you have an Instagram Business Account, it’ll include an Insights button that is super helpful. When I click that, I’m given some awesome analytics, such as how many people found my picture from the hashtags that I used.

For this picture, I’ve had 515 Impressions total, and 185 of them came from the hashtags. That’s actually pretty great for me as of late. My older posts got upwards of 300 impressions based on hashtags alone. It’s probably high time that I mix up my hashtags a bit, something I need to sit down and overhaul ASAP, but this is just showing you how important picking the hashtags is for your posts. How important it is to USE them!

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