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Hello Again, Social Media

Mindful March is coming to an end, which also means my month long social media ban is also deactivated. Yes, Operation Social Media Hiatus is finally over.

So, technically, my ban ended on Monday night, since I actually started my hiatus early. On Monday night, with a strange feeling settling on top of my chest, I downloaded all of the apps—Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter—and logged back into my accounts.

I had quite a few notifications. On Facebook, I had 66—but the majority of them was Facebook trying to notify me that certain updated their statuses, added new pictures. Posts that had absolutely nothing to do with me. I also noticed that since I logged off Facebook—and Instagram, really—they started to email me more frequently to tell me what I was missing out on. It gave me a good laugh.

Instagram was pretty dead—no notifications.

Snapchat I had ten unopened snaps from people, which mostly consisted of ‘streaks’ snaps, which I still received even though our streaks had long since died.

It’s kind of funny, I logged back on to these platforms, and I felt…meh. I scrolled through Instagram for a moment, but I didn’t stay logged in. I checked my notifications, but logged out again. I can’t really explain the feeling of unease I got as I went through each social media outlet, and it felt like that old mindset was coming back over me.

But that isn’t to say that I didn’t miss social media. I missed posting pictures and people liking them, commenting on them. But really, that’s just me looking for validation. I didn’t miss looking at other people’s content—I just missed the feeling I got when people looked at mine. Which is probably not a good thing.

Strangely enough, axing social media for the month had my habits change. I already mentioned

that I had more free time, but I even changed my makeup routine. I felt less pressured to look flawless. I think the amount of times I put my contacts in this month was less than a handful. Which is very unusual for me, because I live in my contacts.

So was Mindful March a success? I think so. I think taking a break from social media totally changed my outlook on things, and how I viewed my life. I wasn’t envious of other people’s lives, I wasn’t jealous or angry. I could focus more on myself and growing in my spirituality, which was really helping me to become more aware of myself more.

If you’re thinking about taking a break from social media, even for a week, I encourage you to try it! You might find a new hobby you like, rediscover an old trait about yourself, and even feel less pressure to hold yourself to a high standard.

Over and out,

Sarah Sutton

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