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Jobs that Your YA Protagonist Can Do

Jobs that Your YA Protagonist Can Do

I’ve done a list a few months ago that was 100 Jobs For Your Character, but they weren’t specifically tied to YA protagonists. Most jobs on that list—like fashion designer and lawyer—are jobs that teens aren’t qualified for. And for me, a die-hard YA writer, I thought a list of jobs teens can do would be perfect. So here it is: Jobs that Your YA Protagonist Can Do!

  1. Lifeguard

  2. Assistant

  3. Pizza Delivery Driver

  4. Ice Cream Attendant

  5. Waitress

  6. Dog Walker

  7. Babysitter

  8. Blogging/Vlogging

  9. Retail Associate

  10. Hairdressing Assistant

  11. Food Court Worker

  12. Barista

  13. Freelance Jobs

  14. Lawn Care Worker

  15. Dishwasher

  16. Custodian

  17. House Cleaner

  18. Daycare Worker

  19. Greenhouse worker

  20. Intern

  21. Pet Sitting

  22. Jewelry Making

  23. Farming Assistant

  24. Catering Worker

  25. Housecleaner

There you have it, a list of 25 part-time jobs that your YA protagonist can do without needing a degree or needing time away from school. These jobs can add to your plot and thicken your character’s description—someone’s choice in job says a lot about them, or maybe your character has to get a job to appease her parents? By any means, jobs play a big role. Are there any more jobs you could add to this list? Any jobs you might use? Leave a comment down below!

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