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Mindful March

"And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and to find my soul."

As I gear up for Mindful March--spending the entirety of March healing my mindset--I wanted to do something kind of different. Different for me, anyway. February, though the shortest month of the year, just felt so draining. Like the life was literally being sucked out of me. Old troubles I thought I’d long since buried floated to the surface, and my unhealthy eating habits finally caught up to me. The negative mindset was nearly impossible to shake, so for March, as we walk into it with our head held up, I’m proposing a change for myself.

Now, I’ve done this before. Set resolutions that I definitely won’t live up to. I think we all have, one time or another. (I envy those of you who haven’t experienced that kind of failure.) And even if this only lasts a week, I still think my mental health will benefit, if only a little bit.

My drastic change? I deleted all of my social media apps.


Facebook? Close. Snapchat? Logged off. Instagram? On hiatus. I logged off all of the apps on my phone, and then deleted the apps. Woah. I’m going crazy. Someone call the police (not really). But I did it. They’re gone. And on my computer I logged out of each outlet; I figure my laziness will take over and I won’t feel like logging back in (it’s a safe bet).

I want to see how I go about this month without using social media. I want to see if my thought processes change, stop being so judgmental of myself and of others, and see if my ideas become more original. To stop letting everyone’s best portrayed self influence my self-love. Because, to be honest, I think I’ve lost it.

And I’m also interested to see if my writing improves. I know I waste s much time scrolling through social media almost numbly, robotically, not really seeing what’s on my screen but sucking it all into my brain anyway. Blindly tapping the like button. Maybe adding a comment with no emotion. When I sit in a car, my first instinct is to pull up Instagram and just scroll, scroll, scroll. And I wonder if all that time I’m wasting on apps, I can harness and improve my writing.

At the end of March, I’m going to write an Update post, to share how I went about my month without social media. I might fail, but I also might find that without all of the posts of social media in my brain, my mindset has improved. We’ll see.

Are you going to give up social media too, for a new Mindful March? Are you interested in seeing my take on it? Leave a comment down below, and don’t forget to subscribe to see future updates!

Over and Out,

Sarah Sutton

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