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The Out of My League Series

This week, I'm going to talk a bit about my new YA Romance OUT OF MY LEAGUE, which debuts June 16th! I've been hinting about it here and there, and I posted a snippet about Sophia a few weeks ago and what her character is about, but I want to sit down with you and go a bit more in-depth. Open up and get real and raw.

This is going to be a series of posts spread out between now and OUT OF MY LEAGUE's release date. About my journey with writing it, about each character, and so much more. So stay tuned!

Before we dive too much into this, I want to go over what OUT OF MY LEAGUE is about. More importantly, I want to share the final blurb!

It’s all fun and games until someone catches feelings. Sophia Wallace is convinced her life is over when her high school cuts the journalism program. Without the elective, she loses her chance to intern with the biggest newspaper company in the county, and why? All because the baseball team needs more funding. To make matters worse, her boyfriend publicly dumps her at a party, which is mortifying. But the icing on the cake is when the captain of the baseball team and the most popular guy at Bayview High, Walsh Hunter, decides to be chivalrous. He jumps in, throws his arm around Sophia, and declares his undying love for her. In front of everyone. Suddenly, Sophia is thrown into a world of fake relationships and undercover journalism, and she realizes she’s way, way out of her league. Good thing she’s got the team captain to teach her how to play. But faced with choosing between saving her journalism class or her newfound feelings for Walsh, will she strike out or hit a home run?

Sounds fun, right? It was such a joy to write. Now let's go into a few facts about it!

Fact #1: I wrote the first draft of OUT OF MY LEAGUE during May of 2017

Fact #2: OUT OF MY LEAGUE was actually not the original title of this work, and took me a while to actually change it

Fact #3: I actually queried this piece before ultimately deciding to self-publish

Fact #4: Though Walsh's name was always there, Sophia was originally named Stella

Fact #5: I wanted this to be my first published work, but I didn't decide to go the self-publishing route until August of 2019, which made it way too late to publish a summer read

Fact #5 kind of makes me smile, because between August of 2019 and January of 2020 (when I published WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR?) I learned so much about the self-publishing industry. If I had rushed and self-published this book, I just know that my career would've turned out drastically different. It's so funny how life turns out!

Up until publication, I'm going to be sharing a few posts about OUT OF MY LEAGUE here and there. I'm going to go more in-depth on my journey querying with this book, go over my decision to ultimately self-publish, and all of the edits this baby has gone through. (Spoiler alert: TONS) If you have any questions, please be sure to leave them below, and I'll do my best to answer every single one of them!

So, as far as what to expect for OUT OF MY LEAGUE, here are four fun dates to look out for and write down on your calendar.

April 6th: COVER REVEAL and PREORDER DATE (if you'd like to be a part of this awesome cover reveal, you can sign up HERE! You don't have to be a blog to join; just leave your social media handle!)



June 16th: Book LAUNCH!

I'm going to be sharing so many snippets and teasers over on my Instagram ( so be sure you follow me over there to catch up on all the teaser-goodness.

If you want to add OUT OF MY LEAGUE to your Goodreads TBR, you can find the link HERE!

My YA Romance, WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR?, is out NOW! It's available on both ebook and paperback.

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