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Top 10 Favorite TV Shows

Top 10 Favorite TV Shows

I absolutely love a good bingable TV show. A show with drama, suspense, and a to-die-for romance? I’m hooked. Love it. Need it. Kill me without it. For More about Me May, I’ve decided to compile lists. Yes, lists! My favorite thing in the entire universe. Here are my top ten favorite TV shows.

10. Ghost Adventures This was an honorable mention, since I don’t actually binge it all the time. But this is a show I’m literally obsessed with, mainly because the ghost hunters are so unbelievably hilarious, and I get a thrill from spooky noises.

9. Girl Boss This was a Netflix Original that had me hooked, from how real and empowering it was. 10/10 recommend to the aspiring Girl Boss

8. Reign

Lord have mercy, I loved this show. That being said—I never finished it. When a certain character died—no spoilers here, I am considerate—I refused to finish it. Character deaths kill something inside of me. However, I’ve watched the series finale, so I’ve ruined it for myself, huh? I suck.

7. Supernatural This is another one I never finished, but it’s also on my top ten because how can you not love it? To be more specific, I loved seasons 1-8? 9? When the show took on the Lucifer possession, God is dead kind of vibe, I lost interest. So, yeah, that doesn’t make me a die-hard fan, and I’m not proclaiming myself as one. I just love the show. And staring at Jensen Ackles’ face? Bonus.

6. Gossip Girl

I actually just got into this show recently, and I’m on episode three of the final season. Don’t worry, my moments of impatience with the show have forced me to do some research—I know how it ends. And I’m very intrigued to see it acted out.

5. Containment

Whoever wishes to talk with me about this show must be ready to hear me use caps.

4. Stranger Things

This one didn’t make it into my final three, but it was SO CLOSE. Because holy moly, this show is amazing. I refuse to think there is a single soul out there who hasn’t watched it. I would accuse you of lying if you try and tell me otherwise.

3. Grey’s Anatomy

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

2. Riverdale

‘Nuff said.

1. The Vampire Diaries

I started watching this show in the seventh grade. I believe I came on when season three was just about to wrap up, and I was hooked. There was a girl I couldn’t stand who talked about it nonstop, and I finally gave in to the world of peer pressure and watched the pilot on Netflix. I’ve literally watched seasons 1-3 ten times (back when that was all that was available on Netflix). The last season kind of got spotty, and I blamed it on the lack of Elena. I was Nina obsessed.

Have you guys watched a lot of shows on my list? Any you haven’t heard of? Any you think are off the mark? Let me know in the comments!

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