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What Are Friends For? Publishing Plan

I thought it might be fun to share how my publishing plan went for What Are Friends For?! I know when I first started out, I wished I could’ve seen a few people’s times and dates. How long it could’ve taken to get something done, what their process was. I wasn’t sure when to do what! I thought it might be fun and maybe a little enlightening to see the full timeline of WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR?. Hopefully you find this a little bit interesting!

I’m going to put the draft name in parenthesis just because it might be fun to see what I titled my drafts!

For my book debuting on January 14th, this is the timeline that I tried to stick to.

· Draft 1 (Remi Book 1): April 3rd—June 2nd

· Draft 2 (Remi Book 2): July 2nd—July 24th

· Beta Read: August 6th-September 9th

· Reached out to Cover Designer in August

· Reached out to Copyeditor in August

· Draft 3 (WAFF draft 2): August 30th—September 16th

· Copyedits: October 3rd—October 25th

· Cover Design Received: October 25th

· Draft 4 (What Are Friends For): October 25th-October 27th

· Set up Preorder: October 31st

· Final Proofreads: October 27th—November 20th

· Final upload to IngramSpark, KDP, Barnes and Noble: December 14th

I don’t think I’m missing much, but it feels so weird to see the whole timeline laid out like this. In the future, I really want to get all of my uploads out of the way once. I uploaded multiple drafts to IngramSpark because I kept making changes. However, in the future, I just want to do it once. Get all of the proofing out of the way before I make that final upload. For that to happen, I want to have everything finished a month before the release date. I think I can make that happen!

We shall see!

My YA Romance, WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR?, debuts January 14, 2020! It's available for preorder NOW on both ebook and paperback.


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