Book Interior Formatting

I offer an affordable book interior formatting service for both ebook and paperback, specialized specifically for indie authors! I use Vellum software to format the manuscripts, and it comes out looking beautiful and clean each time.

What I Do:

I take your finished Word document and upload it directly into the Vellum software. I've formatted five of my own novels plus countless short stories using Vellum, and that's what I will do for you! I'll format your chapters, front matter, and back matter to your specifications. If you have any image headers you'd like me to add, I can do that as well! I can link your social media handles in the back of the book, so readers have a direct place to go once finishing the ebook.

Right now, all documents must be a Word doc. Vellum only uploads Word docs at this moment in time. However, message me if you have any questions--we might be able to work something out!

What You Get:

Beautifully formatted book files for you to use on your self-publishing journey! You also get the first 10 proof corrections free. Once I'm finished, I also email you the Vellum file to hold onto. If any corrections are needed afterward, just send the Vellum file back and I'll update that for you ASAP!

I suggest booking this service when you are completely finished with final proofs, but I of all people know that typos sometimes slip in. That's why I offer the first 10 corrections free. If you need to update several chapters, though, there will be an extra fee.

Want to add a round of proofreading? I know that feeling when you want just one last pair of eyes to go over a manuscript, and I'd love to be that for you. I'll use my ProWritingAid software to catch any last minute typos or grammatical errors. Ask me about the pricing!


$100 Ebook & Paperback Formatting

$25 Proofing Updates After 10 Corrections

I wanted to make this as affordable as I could for my awesome indie authors!

Turnaround Time

The typical turnaround time would be 7 days, but an extra fast delivery may be available for an extra fee.

Formatting Examples

Curious for a more in-depth look at your options? Send me a message and I'll send you my Vellum Options Guide so you can pick and choose each option to make your interior formatting 100% YOU!



Sincerely, Mickie

Sarah Sutton formatted my book before I had any idea what I was doing at all. I was freaking out as my deadline approached and being the sweetest person in the word that she is, she offered to help me and the book came out beautifully! She added my chapter headings and chapter breaks. The print version didn’t have a single issue when I ordered my author copies. Everything was perfect on the first try. I would definitely recommend her services! 


A.H. Renegade

Sarah was both personable and professional! She was a joy to work with, and made the inside of my book look exactly how I’d envisioned it! I would Recommend her to anyone!

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