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June 16th, 2020

Out of My League

A YA Fake Relationship Story

It’s all fun and games until someone catches feelings.

When the Bayview High school board cuts her newspaper program, Sophia is convinced life is over. Without the journalism elective, she loses her chance to intern at the biggest newspaper company in the county, all because the stupid baseball team wants new equipment.


Sophia decides to write an article to show the unfair and deceitful side of the players her town is so obsessed with. She especially wants to focus on the stuck-up team captain, Walsh, who everyone idolizes like he’s a god. Maybe that will change the school board’s mind.


But after her boyfriend dumps her by saying she ‘isn’t cool enough’ for a guy like him, Walsh steps in, throws his arm over her shoulder, and announces to everyone his undying love for her. Though she wants to be angry at him for sticking his nose into her business, the newfound fake relationship does give Sophia the perfect opportunity to do a little undercover journalism. Who better to use for information than the team captain?

As the two draw closer, Sophia wonders if saving the newspaper is still the goal or if keeping Walsh is what she really wants. But it isn’t just Sophia who has secrets, and Walsh’s might be worse than her own.

Out of My Depth

Want more of Sophia and Walsh's story? Read this back-to-school short that's available for my newsletter subscribers ONLY!

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