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Trusting the bad boy… What could go wrong?

My whole life, I stayed under the wing of my parents, content to go through life keeping my head down and keeping my mouth shut. It’s how I stay out of the spotlight with a mother who is the mayor and brother who is the high school’s quarterback.

Except when I’m voted Most Likely To: Stay A Prude by the elite crowd of Brentwood High, all the years of keeping my head down suddenly seem like years of me going through life barely living it.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so. When my principal pairs me up with the school’s resident brooding bad boy, Hudson Bishop, he makes it perfectly clear he doesn’t want to be stuck with a stiff like me. Our principal hopes that my innocence will rub off on him, but in what world does it make sense for an innocent sophomore to mentor a senior who has run-ins with the law?

But when Hudson challenges me to write out a rebellion list, it does ensure one thing—I’d finally be living my life instead of letting my parents dictate it for me. As long as I don’t get in too deep…

And it may already be too late.

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